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School Greening Investment in Baltimore

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Read the report: School Greening in Baltimore City: The Investment and It’s Value

In July 2013, we partnered with the Baltimore Sustainability Commission and staff of the Office of Sustainability to release a new report, “School Greening in Baltimore City: The Investment and Its Value” to document the extent of recent investments in greening Baltimore public schools in the new report.
The report compiles data from 35 sources to examine three questions:

  • What investment has been made to date in green practices in Baltimore City public schools and by whom?
  • How are academic and operational goals furthered by this investment and should a loan be taken to support the investment?
  • Why should this investment be protected – and enhanced – as City Schools launches its 10 year plan for 21st Century Schools?

Author: Allison Rich, Children’s Environmental Health Specialist

Contact Baltimore Office of Sustainability for more information on school greening