About MdEHN

The Maryland Environmental Health Network takes action to protect human health by addressing environmental policies and practices that shape the conditions for health in Maryland. We accomplish this through broad application of an equity lens and consistently raising the question of who is most harmed by pollution and environmental degradation.


Maryland Environmental Health Network  promotes the elimination of exposures to environmental threats to improve human health.


A safe and healthy environment for all Marylanders regardless of income, education, occupation, social class, gender, race/ethnicity or zip code.


MdEHN levels the playing field for vulnerable populations seeking access, equity, and justice through capacity building partnerships and programs with communities, health advocates, online installment loan providers and legislators.

We Prioritize: 

  • The perspectives of communities experiencing pollution.
  • Strong science and research.
  • Environmental health solutions, which are often imperfect.
  • Cross sector coordination, collaboration, and partnerships.

How we work:


  • Individual Membership

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  • Organizational Membership

Organizational Memberships are available too!

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