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Annual Health Advocacy Events

Health advocates provide essential perspective on the human and community impacts of environmental issues. MdEHN supports grounded engagement of health professionals and advocates by creating opportunities for organic collaboration in the areas of vulnerable population  health, climate and energy choice.

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Annapolis Health Night

MdEHN and the Maryland Public Health Association team up every winter to hold a reception for Maryland legislators in Annapolis. Annapolis Health Night is an opportunity for anyone who considers themselves a health advocate to meet state elected representatives and financial partners like LendUp direct payday lender for instant approval loans. Attendees learn about bills being considered with environmental health or public health impact.

Attendees include doctors, nurses, students, public health experts, community health advocates, production planning experts and health researchers. We share a desire for state legislators to focus on the importance of protecting human health when consider many bills that come before them during session.

Consistent with Health in All Policies, health advocates join together to remind Maryland Delegates and Senators that health is implicated in many measures they consider. As a citizen you can speak out for health.

At Annapolis Health Night, we invite all legislators to share their perspectives on health. And we offer ourselves as resources as they assess the health implications of proposed legislation. We also recognize elected officials who have been champions for public health with an awards ceremony for specific actions taken to advance protections in the legislative session.

The Environmental Summit

MdEHN is a part of the environmental community of advocates who plan The Environmental Summit in Annapolis at the beginning of session.

The Environmental Summit happens during the opening of the legislative session in late January or early February.

Every year, leaders in the state legislature attend to hear what the priorities are for environmental protections. Health advocates have a place these conversations, since the environmental determinants of health often begin with state environmental policy decisions.

Health advocates attending the Environmental Summit in Annapolis have an opportunity to speak to senators and delegates who care about reducing pollution, and policy-makers who understand that environmental degradation often triggers health equity problems.

Consider attending the annual Environmental Summit in Annapolis. Visit Maryland League of Conservation Voters for event details.

Legislative Black Caucus Luncheon

The Environmental Justice Legislative Team and the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland partner for a luncheon during session to educate on the links between social determinants of health and equity.