Energy & Health in Maryland: A Briefing for Health Advocates

Public Health advocates speak of the need to address “Health in All Policies”. We know that population health is a function of many factors, many of which are Social and Environmental Determinants of Health. This report addresses the role of health advocates in shaping Maryland’s energy policy, and related air pollution issues, as significant factors in our state’s health disparities.

This report is a tool to support Maryland health advocates in speaking out on energy policy. It reviews the evidence that demonstrates that:

  • Energy choices are implicated in our biggest health epidemics
  • When we switch to clean energy, health benefits are seen soon after implementation
  • Important energy policy decisions are being made now in Maryland

Health voices are non-partisan and can mobilize new political will for clean energy. Health educators, clinicians, scientists, community health activists and employees of health care institutions can help move Maryland towards a clean and healthy energy system that reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and cleans our air.